There are five levels of student- which one are you?

I recently shot this video as part of the content for the new, updated version of Lose 5 Pounds a Month, my premium fat loss course.  I’m displaying it here partly as a free preview of version 2.0, and partly because this is so vital, everyone needs to know it.

There are five levels of student, and which one you are determines how you’ll behave when you encounter a situation where you can’t just follow a set formula.  In this video, I use the example of not being able to do one of the exercises in the workout you have planned.  How you behave in those situations determines how well you’ll do at everything in life.

And to be clear, it’s not five types of student, with each one being different but equal.  Five levels, from terrible to awesome.  Watch the video.

Got that?  This applies to all areas of life, not just fitness.  It applies to your career, your business, your personal life- everything.  Here’s how the five levels of student behave when they encounter an unforeseen obstacle and can’t just follow a formula.

Level one student- complete loser.  Uses any unexpected event as an excuse to give up.

Level two student- bad.  Doesn’t just do nothing, but finds a way to do the bare minimum so they can tell themselves they’re trying.

Level three student- Average.  Immediately asks for help.  Doesn’t try to solve the problem on their own, but does try to get it solved eventually.

Level four student- good.  Tries to figure out a solution on their own, as best they can.

Level five student- motherfucking champion.  Works on the problem themselves, comes up with a few good solutions, then refines one of them into the best solution with expert help.

I want everyone reading this to be a level five student.  Not just at fat loss, not just at fitness, but at everything in life.