Welcome to Lose 5 Pounds a Month

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Welcome to Lose 5 Pounds a Month.

Below, you’ll find links to each module of the course.  Modules are unlocked 1 week apart, but you don’t need to complete the course that quickly- your membership is for life.  This is a self-paced course- take as long as you need to complete each module and move on to the next one, and let me know if you have any questions.  You can reach me at johnfawkesblogger@gmail.com- don’t hesitate to email me if you’re stuck or confused at any point in this course.


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Module 1: Habit tracking, motivation and accountability

Module 2: Fat loss dieting 101

Module 3: Optimizing your sleep for fat loss

Module 4: Beginner fat loss workouts

Module 5: Supplementation for fat loss

Module 6: The Intermediate fat loss diet

Module 7: Intermediate fat loss workouts

Module 8: Body hacks for accelerated fat burning


Note: The final five modules will only be unlocked if you joined at the Premium level.  If you wish to upgrade from Basic to Premium, email me.

Module 9: Advanced sleep and stress management

Module 10: Final phase dieting and carb cycling

Module 11: Hardcore fat loss workouts 

Module 12: Advanced hormone management, body hacks and supplementation

Module 13: What to do when you reach your goal weight


2 thoughts on “Welcome to Lose 5 Pounds a Month

  1. Thank you, John!!
    This is much appreciated!!! I’ll get started right away!

  2. Hi John. I’m excited to join “lose 5lbs a month.” I need a jump start on weight loss!

    I’m 52 and am 50 lbs overweight.
    My eating is The biggest part that needs to be addressed. I know how to cook healthy low fat, high protein and veggie foods and yet I have good days and bad days…. not consistent.

    I tend to over drink on Friday and Saturday nights which leads to lots of carbs and lack of exercise on the weekends. Lots of bad habits to address.

    I workout 4-5 times a week doing yoga and Pilates but have never lifted weights… very intimated by this. I only do group work out classes and work out with a trainer once a week using a reformer machine.

    I’m excited to incorporate your work out and diet plans into my lifestyle !

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