Exercise Gear

Taview Occlusion Training Bands

Useful when injured, for active recovery, pumping up before a show, or home/travel workouts without access to heavy weights.

Whatafit Compact Resistance Band Complete Set

For home workouts– comes with instruction booklet. Also see my resistance band training article.

Feierdun Workout Bar

A different sort of pullup bar. Doesn’t allow parallel grip, but can be set lower for pushups and inverted rows.

Trideer Exercise Ball

For ball crunches, ab rollouts, pushups with feet elevated, slow myotatic crunches, ball swings, and more.

Yes4All Thick Bar Grips

Thickens barbell and dumbbell grips to better work the hands and forearms.

RDX MMA Gloves

Unlike boxing gloves, these allow for grappling. Lighter than you’d want on punching bags though.

Adjustable Weight Dumbbells

For home workouts. Better than buying different-weighted dumbbells if you want to go over 10 pounds. Can be converted into a barbell with an optional connector.

WODFitters Fit Loop Resistance Bands

For band-only exercises, assisted pull-ups, and adding accomodating resistance to barbell exercises. You’ll need two of the for barbell exercises. This is the lightest resistance– you may also want black bands, the next one up.

Iron Gym Pull-Up Bar

Allows for pronated, supinated and parallel grip. Make sure your door frame is sturdy though.

Yoga Mat With Carrying Strap

For stretching, planks, floor presses, bicycle crunches, lat prayers, and anything where you need to kneel on the ground.

Bosu Balance Ball

For slow myotatic crunches, bosu ball squats, bosu ball pushups, and general balance training.

Sanabul Punching Bag Gloves

For practicing on punching bags. Gel-infused to protect your hands.

Dietary Supplements

NatureWise Vitamin D 5000 iu

Take one pill every morning. If you’re deficient, take 2 per morning for a few weeks, then drop to 1.

Barlean’s Chocolate Silk Greens Powder

This is the only greens powder I ever use, because it’s the only one I’ve tried that actually tastes good. Mix with milk or a milk substitute that has some fat. Can be combined with protein powder.

Centrum Adult Multivitamin

Take one a day. Not necessary if you eat a near-perfect diet, but most of us don’t.

Nature Made Fish Oil

Take 2-4 capsules a day. Reduces chronic inflammation, which makes a whole lot of things a little bit better.


Body By Science

This is the book that introduced me to single set to failure training. While I don’t train that way anymore, it worked for me for a long time, and this is still the best explaner I’ve seen for how muscles and muscular hypertrophy work.

Mindless Eating– Why We Eat More Than We Think

The best book ever written on the psychology of eating, why weight gain seems to “just happen,” and how to make eating fewer calories seem easy.