Review: Naked Fire Shot by Naked Nutrition

I tend to take a long time to get started in the mornings– I wake up at 8, usually, but I won’t be functional until at least 10, if not later. Over the last few months I’ve been experimenting with various ways to get going faster in the mornings, and one of the better options I’ve found is the Naked Fire Shot.

This is a liquid supplement that comes in a little one-shot bottle, which makes it superficially seem like 5-Hour Energy. And it is similar, since it uses caffeine as the main ingredient, but rather than a pure energy supplement, it’s an energy/detox shot.

Each serving has 100 mg of caffeine, more than most cups of coffee but less than most energy drinks. It has has detox ingredients including ginger and cayenne pepper, and adaptogens including ginseng and ashwagandha, in order to give a mellow energy while supporting liver function to detox the body.

I find it very effective for helping me to get going in the morning, but especially when I was drinking the night before and slept poorly as a result, which doesn’t happen that much these days. I’ve been taking only half a shot at a time since it doesn’t take much caffeine just to get me out of bed; if I need more energy, I’ll have the other half later, usually after breakfast.

I highly recommend this, although I wouldn’t take it every morning– it seems to work best when the “detox” component is also useful, like after a late night of drinking.

The Naked Nutrition Naked Fire Shot is available on the Naked Nutrition website, and I recommend keeping a few available for mornings when you need them.