When I’m not blogging, pumping iron, or talking to girls on Tinder, I occasionally make fitness courses.  These fitness courses fucking rock- each is the product if YEARS of study, practice and refinement involving me and my coaching clients.  I can’t guarantee that you’ll like them (unless you also rock), I can and do guarantee that if you don’t get the results you’re looking for, I’ll sigh in exasperation…and also give you your money back.


Bursting with Energy

Tired of feeling tired all the time?  Want so sleep better and have more energy during the day?  Speed up your metabolism?  Be more productive?  Have more fun?

Your energy level affects everything you do in life- from your weight, to your ability to focus, to how fun you are to be around.  Having more energy means you can have more of everything in life.

That’s why I created Bursting with Energy – it’s a multimedia course designed to systematically fix everything that drags you down and stops you from having the energy to live an awesome life.  Get ready to feel like you’re 21 again.

Check out Bursting with Energy.

Lose 5 Pounds a Month

Sick of looking down and seeing your belly stick out over your waistband?  Want to fit into your old jeans again?  Want to make sure that weight stays gone?

Lose 5 Pounds a Month teaches you everything you need to lose weight at a gradual, sustainable pace, and keep it off.  It will show you what to eat, how to work out, how to sleep better- even how to beat stress and increase your willpower.  At the end of this course you’ll be fit, healthy and sexy- but you’ll still be able to eat the occasional cheeseburger.

Lose 5 Pounds a Month is only made available a few times a year, exclusively to members of my free Fitness Insider’s List.  Enter your info below to sign up- while you wait, you can get started with my free weight lose guide, Lose 2 Inches in 2 Months.

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