Online Coaching

Note: I am selective about who I work with, and have a waiting list before we can begin working together.

Are you satisfied with the results you’re getting from your diet and training? If you look back at your photos from a year ago, or five years ago, has your physique noticeably improved? Are you managing to stay in what you consider to be acceptable shape, year round? If not, I can help you overcome your personal roadblocks and take your physique to the next level.

I offer 2 services.

1. Online physique coaching on a monthly basis without need for long-term commitment.

2. A do-it-yourself program package, including a week of email contact that we use for several test sessions to customize and optimize your program.

What’s included?

  • A comprehensive, strength training program, with built-in periodization and autoregulation, customized for you.
  • A nutritional program including both macronutrients and ad libitum diet guidelines, including recommended food choices for satiety, health and micronutrition.
  • Lifestyle advice, including sleep optimization, stress management, dealing with social pressure, learning how to eat out at restaurants and travel while staying lean, etc. As a former salesman and current startup consultant and digital nomad, I know how to maintain a top-tier physique while traveling.
  • A recommended supplement stack. Supplements aren’t vital to my coaching process– I’ll only recommend a few of the most high-impact, low-cost supplements that will have the most value for you.
  • One 30-minute live call with me per month.
  • Progress tracking and daily contact (if desired) with me through

My programs are not like most one-size-fits-all routines you find online. They are individually customized to you based on a number of factors including:

  • Your goals: A woman that wants to look like a Sports Illustrated swimsuit model should not train the same way as a man who wants to look like Zyzz.
  • Your desired level of commitment: It’s not worth the time and effort for everyone to put in 100% all the time. Especially for your diet, I will focus on sustainable progress. I have no doubt we can get you lean, but what I really want is to see that you maintain your leanness and muscle mass years after we’ve stopped working together.
  • Your biological sex: men and women are different, particularly in terms of muscle fiber mix.
  • Your training age: more advanced trainees benefit from more volume, frequency and exercise variety than novices.
  • Your lifestyle: stress and sleep quality affect your recovery capacity, and that’s before considering how much time and energy you have to train.
  • My estimates of your physiology, including carbohydrate tolerance, muscle fiber profile, joint strength, gut health, and optimal intensity level.

Who Is this For?

My coaching is for serious strength trainees. If you don’t train with weights 3 or more times a week, regardless of whether you also do cardio, yoga, or play sports, this will be overkill for you. I specialize in intermediate trainees looking to take their physique to the next level.

Most of my other clients are highly motivated novices, physique competitors, and busy professionals in technical, medical or academic fields. Mixed athletes are also welcome, but my coaching is largely limited to getting you big, strong and lean. I don’t do programming for endurance training, sports or Olympic weightlifting, although I do recommend some cardio for most trainees.

I work with people of all ages, though most of my clients are in the age range of 30-55. 

Are You Interested?

Fill out an application using the form below. If you seem like you might be a good fit, I can offer you a free 15-minute consultation before you make the decision to work with me.

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No-results-money-back guarantee: If after following my program meticulously for a month, you have not progressed, I will give you all your money back.

Testimonial discount: I’ll give you a 5% discount on your first years of coaching if you allow me to use your semi-anonymized data and photos (e.g. face blurred or cropped) for professional purposes, such as articles on my site or Instagram posts.

Coaching is conducted, and payment collected, through