Lose 5 Pounds a Month- Module 1

Welcome to Lose 5 Pounds a Month.  I know you’re eager to get started, so it’s time to spring into action and…watch some videos.  Most modules will have one video for you to watch.  This one has two- the first is an introduction to the course, while the second is the main content for module 1.

If you’re looking for a different module- click here for the table of contents.

Module 1 is about two things: starting out with the right mind set for long-term fat loss, and building the systems you’ll use to keep yourself on track with this course.  In other words, it’s not action-packed, but it’s really, really important.

Video 1: Introduction

Video 2: Systems and Accountability

Printout: The Lose 5 Pounds a Month personal commitment pledge– Fill out and print off after watching the first video.

PDF: How to calculate body fat percentage and set fat loss goals– Use this after watching the second video- ideally with feedback from an accountability partner.

Bonus Video 1: The 8 most common pitfalls students run into

Bonus Video 2: There are five levels of student.  Learn how to be a fat loss champion.

Bonus PDF: The mental barriers that keep people out of shapeRead this once, then review it occasionally to make sure you’re not making the excuses discussed in this article.  Remember, your toughest enemy is your own mind.