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 From health expert John Fawkes- Featured on RobbWolf.com

Back in college, I was in terrible shape.  I wasn't quite obese, but I was chubby, with a giant beer gut.  I actually got barred from joining a martial arts group at school because they thought I would have a heart attack.  I was tired, addicted to caffeine, and miserable.

I knew what I needed to do to start getting into shape, but I wasn't doing it.  I would start new, aggressive fitness programs, only to abandon them within weeks.  

What finally worked for me was a more gradual approach- changing how I lived, one small thing at a time.  Now I'm lean, happy, feel amazing almost every day, and best of all, staying in shape actually feels easy.  

Sort of like how you can slowly boil a frog and it won't notice.  Um, except instead of dying, I got buff.  So kind of not like that.

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-How to have tons of energy and feel great, every day

-Little-known psychologial techniques to ensure that you make healthy choices, without constant effort

This information is free, but it isn't entertainment.  This is only for people who are serious about getting into shape and staying healthy.  If that's you- if you're motivated and willing to work- sign up and start building a better body today.  

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