Build the habits that build a sexy body 

- From fitness coach John Fawkes, featured in T-Nation and 12 Minute Athlete

Do you want to get ripped like those people in fitness magazines?  Be the sexiest person on the beach?  Look fuckin' awesome in your favorite t-shirt?  

That might sound  like a tall order, but it's really just a matter of changing your habits.  Cut back some sugar here and there, and some protein and veggies, do a little more exercise, get a little more sleep...You just have to make one little change after another, and before you know it, you're there.

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  • How to have tons of energy and feel great, every day
  • The exact diets and workouts that people have used to achieve amazing body transformations
  • Little-known psychologial techniques to ensure that you make healthy choices, without constant effort
  • I'll throw in a few sex jokes, Star Wars references, and funny memes.  Can't be serious all the time, can we?
  • See the results of my first-of-it's-kind Ultimate Testosterone Self-Experiment.

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