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- From John Fawkes, featured in Roman Fitness Systems, RobbWolf.com, and 12 Minute Athlete -

Back in college, I was in terrible shape.  I wasn't obese, sure, but I was skinny-fat with a giant beer gut.  I actually got barred from joining a martial arts group at school because they thought I would have a heart attack.  I was tired, miserable, addicted to caffeine, never slept well, and wasn't getting laid either.   

I knew what I needed to do to start getting into shape, but I wasn't doing it.  What finally made the difference wasn't just learning another diet or workout- it was developing the systems and psychology that caused me to take consistent action, day after day.  And once I mastered my own mind, my gut started melting away, I got into that martial arts group, and of course my love life got better as well.  

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  • Coming in 2016, you'll see the results of my first-of-it's-kind Ultimate Testosterone Self-Experiment.

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