How To Find Scientific Studies– The Pubmed/Jstor/NCBI/ScienceDirect Trick

This shouldn’t be news to anyone, but popular media articles about scientific studies are terrible. They almost always misrepresent (and generally overstate) the study’s conclusions, plus they act like the new study completely overrides every study that came before it.

If you’re at all scientifically literate, you’d greatly prefer to read the original studies rather than popular media articles. Buuuut that’s easier said that done. Search on google and the popular media articles will drown out the actual studies.

There is Google Scholar of course, but it sucks. I don’t know why it’s so much worse than regular google, but you’ll see what I mean if you try it.

And then there are science sites like Pubmed, NCBI, Jstor or ScienceDirect. They all have the same issue as Google Scholar though; their internal search features are just not good.

The solution: use regular google and add the name of one of those sites to your query.

CBD anti-inflammatory pubmed

daily undulating periodization sciencedirect

ketogenic diet cancer jstor

men testosterone fat intake ncbi

And so forth. Adding one of these terms to the end of your search string lets google know that you’re looking for journal articles, not popular media articles. Of the four, pubmed seems to work most consistently, but they all work and are worth trying.