Are you ready to get into the best shape of your life?  Introducing an innovative approach to online fitness coaching.

I’m currently accepting a limited number of online coaching clients.  For less than the cost of a personal trainer at your local gym- who probably isn’t nearly as clever or funny as I am anyway- you can get coached by me.

I’ll design the workouts that are optimized to help you reach YOUR goals, based on YOUR current level of fitness, and that fit with YOUR lifestyle.

I’ll give you a diet plan- including macros, sample meals, and food choice guidelines.  No more panicking because you don’t know what to eat- you’ll always  be eating delicious, healthy food, except when you have a cheat meal (yup, you can do that once in a while).

Most importantly, you’ll still be able to live your life.  It’s great to be healthy, but there’s no point in having an amazing body if you can’t go to parties, have a night out with your friends, or take a vacation with your SO because it would ruin your fitness program.  Being in great shape is just one part of living an amazing life.  I’ll give you the tools to live at the level of fitness you’re most comfortable with.

Each month, you’ll be given a training program based on your goals, my assessment of your current abilities, and the last month’s progress.  With constant email (and optionally, phone) support, I’ll be able to provide rapid advice and feedback and make quick adjustments to keep you on track and making rapid progress.

To give you an idea of the kind of work I’ve done:

  • Adrian, an engineer from San Francisco, lost 20 pounds of fat and gained 4 pounds of muscle in 4 months, allowing him to take up running, become more active throughout the day, and trade his sweatpants for slim-cut jeans.
  • Emily, a professor from Minnesota, lost 30 pounds in 5 months.  Now she can fit into her old dress, feels more confident, and is able to go skiing without suffering from knee pain.
  • Kim, a marketing manager from New Jersey, lost 15 pounds of fat in 3 months, bringing her body fat percentage from 35% to 24%.  Now she feels good, and looks like the person she’s always seen herself as.
  • Jeremy, a college student from Ohio, gained 10 pounds of muscle and doubled his bench press in 6 months- all while living the college party lifestyle.

I currently offer four kinds of coaching programs: comprehensive one on one coaching, group coaching, corporate wellness consulting, and one on one habit coaching.  To inquire about the first three, email me at  You can join my habit coaching program through my profile on