Here are all of the places I’ve appeared on other people’s websites, podcasts and YouTube channels, as well as a few other places where I publish content.


Shredded by Science- How to Run Fitness Experiments on Yourself

Side Quest Fitness – John Fawkes on what he learned traveling the world for 9 months and being a science geek

Routine Excellence – John Fawkes on habit Building and the Biggest Mistakes in Fitness

The Optimized Now – John Fawkes on Facebook hacks, grocery shopping, keto dieting, and the hardest test he’s ever taken

Guest Articles

12 Minute Athlete – How to resist social pressure to stay out of shape

T-Nation – Tip: Make rapid strength gains in 4 weeks with cluster sets and contrast training

Summer Tomato – How to rapidly improve your life through self-experimentation

GrowthLab – How to build the habits that build success

JMax Fitness – 7 steps to optimize sleep and boost testosterone

Sleep Junkies – 4 exercise rules to follow if you’re battling insomnia

My Fitness Pal – 6 appetite control strategies that helped me stop overeating – What to say when people try to get you to break your diet

Roman Fitness Systems – John Fawkes author profile (I publish a lot of articles here)

Bayesian Bodybuilding – How to stick to a diet or workout plan, according to science

Articles About Me

GrowthLab – Meet John, the performance coach who stopped “idea hopping” and built a sustainable business he loves

Business Insider – How 3 entrepreneurs overcame some of the most common hurdles to starting a business

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My Bumpers profile- audio of some of my best articles